Corporate Services Management Appoints New President
Derald M. Alford


As Corporate Services Management (CSM America) celebrates 20 years of service to Atlanta’s major elite entities, CSM America has appointed a new President, Derald M. Alford. Mr. Alford brings years of progressive management expertise to the CSM team. Alford has served as Chief Operating Officer of CSM since 2008. Alford’s strengths are in the areas of strategic planning, operations and customer project management. With a strong IT history, Alford has pioneered innovative, groundbreaking IT solutions to the janitorial service industry. He successfully conceived and implemented CM², which has greatly improved customer service and feedback to CSM’s corporate clientele.

“Derald has demonstrated exuberant passion, implementing our long-term strategies for customer retention and growth. He is firmly positioned and capable to successfully guide us through the next twenty years.” Bert Fitts explained, the founder and CEO of CSM America, who has placed his company in Mr. Alford’s experienced hands to run the day to day operations. Bert Fitts will continue to serve as Chief Executive Officer.

Corporate Services Management Selected as a Recipient of the 2012 Southeastern Regional Supplier of the Year Award


Corporate Management, Inc. dba Corporate Services Management has been selected as a recipient of the 2012 Southeast Regional Supplier of the Year Award from the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

Four national minority businesses with revenues between ten and fifty million dollars per year have been selected as Regional Suppliers of the Year out of 16,000 NMSDC-certified minority businesses across the country. This selection makes Corporate Services Management eligible for the National Supplier of the Year honors, which will be awarded from the four regional winners, and announced at NMSDC’s annual conference on October 31, 2012 in Denver, Colorado.

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